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Energy & well-being by minerals.

This site is an extension of our store located in the heart of the city of Rocamadour.

Our famous medieval city, hung on his rock lotois, worldwide known, is not only history but also loaded with a special energy that pilgrims and tourists come to discover every year more numerous.

It is with pleasure that we receive in our store.

Amateurs minerals, their beauty and their properties you will find on our website a selection of stones, according to arrivals, raw, polished also in jewelry form cabochon or faceted.

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Lovers of stone, I know your difficulties to choose at distance a stone;

that's why you'll find on this site d are pictures to the jewel or stone put up for sale.
Unless otherwise specified, (for example bracelets...), l ' article you choose will be exactly what you will receive.

However, it is sometimes so difficult to capture the nuances of color or transparency as the photos may not be contractual.

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I know... it's long 2:20; but you're not going to bore you; and this video is filled with humor. For those who are interested in the mysteries of Rocamadour, even if you're not a Christian, information that deliver the Abbot Ronan are instructive to understand the energy of this sacred place.